Let's transform your career in tech.

Hi, I'm a woman in tech. I'll guide you from "I don't know what to do. I'm not hearing back. I'm trying everything." to getting clear on what you want, being noticed with a standout resume, to talking about yourself confidently in interviews and attracting opportunities → offers.


I offer solutions that fit your life and goals:

1:1 Private Coaching

We'll talk through your unique background, strategy and set your goals on how to reach your tech career success. Only 2 Spots Available.

Small Group Programs

I work with women who are seeking a career roadmap with accountability, feedback and mentorship. Limited Spots Availab.e 

Free Online Trainings

Not ready? That's ok. In my quick videos I guide women to identify and tackle their biggest challenges with quick strategies to get clarity an start getting results.

In-Person Workshops

I host intimate gatherings of women to go through the mindset training, tools & formulas that have worked for me to land jobs and standout.

Online Resources

Join my weekly newsletter where I share personal insights, how-to articles on personal and career development to help you create a life you love as a woman in tech.

Private FB Group

'Unspottable Women in Tech' is for women to support each other in overcoming challenges with positivity and optimism for tech career growth.


"After speaking with Rebecca I feel like I am on the right track to reach my goals.

She was able to listen to what I was currently doing and give me actionable advice on what to do going forward."

"I found resources I might not have discovered without her help.

I also love the feeling of having someone from the tech industry in my corner who really knows what they're doing and wants to see me succeed.

Rebecca was able to help me by providing several resources to help me work on the issues we discussed, letting me jump right into action!"


First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your background and goals. We'll look at your resume, LinkedIn, job-seeking approach and interviewing. Then I'll be your sounding board to discuss your career and skills direction.  

Then, I guide.

Together, we'll amplify your existing skills and experience to make you stand out. I'll go through my tools & forumlas that have worked for me to get interviews and offers. Plus teach you to become confident in all you have to offer + your potential.  

Then you lead.

We've built a foundation to give you structured personalized strategies to overcome your biggest challenges. Spend less time worrying and more time getting closer to your dream job.


I’m Rebecca Garcia.

I help women uncover their talents to breakthrough self-doubt to land their dream jobs in tech and earn what they deserve.

I've worked in tech for the past 7 years, as a Developer, Program Manager, and Product Manager at companies like Microsoft and Squarespace. As an advocate for women in tech, I've mentored dozens of women to build their thriving careers. And now want to help YOU!

Let's talk!

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